5 Rookie Players to Watch Out For In MLB 2012

There are many young upcoming players in baseball today who are stepping up to join the major leagues. For the fans, this makes for exciting process, since they get to see the history of the sport being redefined in front of our own eyes. With a range of hard hitters and fast pitchers, these players have the ability to make or break the game.

Randall Delgado from the Atlanta Braves has to makes this list! With an amazing three pitch mix of a breaking ball, fastball and a change-up, Delgado’s name on this list was to be expected. In case he gets sent to the minors, be sure that he will be called up in case anyone else suffers an injury.

Another must-have player on this list is Danny Hultzen from Seattle Mariners. With a good changeup of around 80 mph and a fastball in the mid 90’s, Hultzen is one of the best pitchers there is. While his slider is not as effective, he can still use it for the third pitch.

Another rather important Seattle Mariner is Jesus Montero. Montero is probably the purest hitter to join the major league this year. Last season with the Yanks, he has 61 at-bats, including twelve RBI and four home runs. There’s a high probability that he will be the designed hitter for the team, though he might even get some time to play catcher during the season. Hultzen is expected to start in the minors, but be sure that he will be called up to the big league soon enough.

Bryce Harper from the Washington Nationals also makes this list! Harper is probably the best offensive player in the league right now. With his versatility, he can soon become a five tool threat to other teams. Even if he does not get called out in the spring matches, be sure that he will be part of the mid-summer call up to provide some well needed offense to the Washington Nationals.

Matt Moore of the Tampa Bay Rays is one of the best players this season, and with good reason. With a good fastball and amazing movement, he can be a real threat. Don’t forget about his effective changeup and hard break curveball. He dominated the entire minors last year, and got a call to pitch for the Rays in September 2011. With 15 strikeouts and 2.89 ERA, Matt Moore is the player to be watching out for.