Are Horse Racing Sports Humane?

This isn’t a very easy question to answer, since both sides of the argument can be expressed rather eloquently. The factors in this question are many. They include the horses themselves, the types of races and your own beliefs on animal cruelty. Finally, it’s a decision you must make yourself. Still, most reformers suggest that […]

Famous Athletes Who’ve Lost Millions

The world loves its athletes. Possessing superior strength, speed and physical prowess all pay off financially in the world of sports. Whether throwing a football, pummeling your opponent in a boxing ring, dunking a basketball or hitting a baseball 400 feet, if you can perform any of these actions better than most, you are virtually […]

The Top 5 Boxing Matches of 2011

2011 saw a number of absolutely terrific boxing matches. There was everything for the avid boxing fan- underdogs, oldies making a comeback, controversy and some regular decent brawls. As the end 2012 draws ever so closer here’s a recap of the fights which made 2011 great and a measuring stick for our list for 2012 […]

Euro 2012: Players with pure magic in store!

The 2012 edition of Euro, so full of expectations, kicks off on June 8th. In the build up to this usually dramatic showcase event, here is a list of players you must watch out for! Cristiano Ronaldo tops most lists of players to watch out for. It goes without saying how skilled this Portugese winger […]

South Carolina VS Vanderbilt Season Opener

As the season opens for college football, the first game of the season pitts #9 South Carolina               versus conference foe Vandy. SC coming off of a 11-2 season last year looks to improve upon that and win their first conference championship in school history.  The gamecocks will get […]