Can Michigan Beat Alabama In Their Season Opener?

The biggest question of the open weekend of college football is whether or not the Michigan wolverines can knock off the Alabama crimson tide. For each team the stakes are high and while Alabama has a lot more to lose than does Michigan. If the wolverines drop this game and then run the table they will have no shame in a opening lose to one of the best teams in the country not just this year but the past 4 or 5 years. If Bama manages to lose this game it will be a major kink in the armor. It will show that they can be beaten and it will give other teams in the SEC confidence. If Bama loses another game they will most likely be out of the running for the national championship.

The key for Michigan will rest on the shoulders of the O-Line, if they can’t win the point of attack more often than they lose it they will have a chance. the line of scrimmage is where Big Blue is at their biggest disadvantage. The size and speed of the Tide D is hard for any team to contend with so its not a surprise that Michigan would be over matched.

Denard Robinson is also very important in order for Michigan to win the game. He will have to play well and he is the only guy on the field for the wolverines that can beat Bama by themselves. Shoelace will have to get back to his first year and pressure the tide D by pulling the secondary towards the line of scrimmage and throwing over their heads or hitting the TE down the seem.

No matter how the game turns out the winner will be us the college football fan. Marquee match-ups to start the season are always the best part of opening weekend for sure!